Who do we need to include in India?

Despite substantial improvements over the past two decades, health outcomes in India continue to be closely tied to socio-economic status, social identity and geographical location. 'Excluded groups' are those among whom a majority of members systematically lack access to appropriate, affordable and quality health services.

  • Scheduled Tribes
  • People with Disabilities
  • Urban Poor
  • Scheduled Castes
  • Sexual & Gender Minorities
  • Youth & Adolescents

How can you make your program more inclusive?

While inclusion as an objective is inherent in development sector efforts, actors may be at different stages of their inclusion journey, and facing a diverse set of challenges. While some stakeholders may be concerned about identifying and reaching the ‘last mile’ or ‘base of pyramid’ populations, others may be struggling to recruit and retain a diverse workforce or to integrate an inclusion lens across their program cycle. Wherever you are on this inclusion journey, the Inclusive Development Resource Guide aims to support your efforts.

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